About Us

Built on a Foundation of Success

Kelvin Mann, President and CEO founded Access Solutions in 2004 as a project and process management firm coordinating technology installations for mid to large enterprise customers.  Mr. Mann spent the better part of his 24-year career designing, coordinating and executing major multi-million dollar projects in the technology sector most recently with wireless communications where he coordinated the efforts of multiple organizations developing new processes and technologies to deliver sustainable solutions to end user needs.

Jim Cloud, Vice President & COO joined Access Solutions in 2006 bringing with him extensive experience and study of existing FME processes.  Defining the unique qualifications of the best candidates to perform FME services coupled with personally training and demonstrating his processes, Jim quickly established an industry-wide reputation of providing Foreign Material Exclusion services superior in precision, accountability and verifiability.

Interested in consistently bringing value to its industries, Access Solutions recognized, developed and implemented ways to incorporate reliable technologies to increase efficiencies and savings for its customers.  Leveraging relationships, Access Solutions engaged industry-recognized leaders in AUTO-ID Identification, Enterprise Software Design, and Strapping Materials to automate its FME service, pioneering new components, processes and technologies that are quickly becoming the standards in the Power Generation field.

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