Access Solutions and S3Edge announce partnership to expand comprehensive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) solution

by Eric Bergstrom

For Immediate Release, June 30, 2010.

The Energy Industry’s first RFID control system built for automating FME processes will now directly address the need for enterprise-scale deployment, while significantly increasing accountability data and reducing the time taken to process workers in and out of controlled work areas.

Portland, OR  June 30, 2010

Access Solutions, the leader in FME services for the power industry, today formally announced its strategic partnership with 3Edge, a leading provider of packaged real-time visibility and control solutions.  Close on the heels of its field tests, Access Solutions’ focus on FME integrity and tradition of innovation continues through the re-architecting of it’s FME STARtrac(SM) system, designed to exceed enterprise-level demands surrounding multiple read-points, high volume and nuclear-grade reliability.

Comprised of leading edge computer, Barcode and RFID hardware and software, the system is designed to track tools, materials, components and personnel, thereby maintaining FME integrity, identified by the power industry as a critical concern.  Central to the systems’ capabilities, is the ability to automate the lifecycle of tool management from warehouse facilities to tool cribs to FME control zones and back, while enforcing FME policies and identifying exceptions as they occur in real-time. These include:

  • Advanced tool tagging and tethering services with image capture capabilities
  • Tools, material, and components check-in / checkout with personnel verification
  • Automated track and trace of tools and personnel through their lifecycle
  • Flexible reporting on-demand with site-specific customization options
  • Capture of usage statistics to support site-specific metrics
  • Reduced storage through electronic archival of FME data

For clients deploying FME STARtrac, the system will result in increased productivity, reduced labor costs, increased audit accuracy, enhanced key-item auditing and the ability to accurately and rapidly track consumables. “We are extremely pleased to team up with S3Edge to put this exciting system development into the hands of our clients.  Our unified, best-of-breed approach, which brings together Access Solutions’ deep domain expertise in the FME industry and S3Edge’s Spotlight technology for RFID-based asset tracking, as well as their systems integration bench strength and expertise, will deliver unparalleled levels of efficiencies across the enterprise,” said Kelvin Mann, President & CEO of Access Solutions. “FME STARtrac truly represents the next big evolution in FME control and we are proud to be at the leading edge,” he added.

“Our partnership with Access Solutions in delivering a commercial off-the shelf application such as FME STARtrac, will shorten time to deployment and increase overall value for enterprises deploying this technology for their FME needs.  S3Edge looks forward to working in tandem with the Access Solutions team to deploy domain-specific, scalable technology solutions of value to end-users” said Mark Anastas, President, S3Edge Inc.

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About Access Solutions

Access Solutions provides the power generation industry’s leading Foreign Material Exclusion services and professional personnel.  Leveraging its proprietary methodologies and experiences from over 100 projects nationwide and abroad, Access Solutions offers Total FME Ownership of critical components, FME advisory and site assessment services, advanced tool tethering and an exciting new, game-changing RFID technology platform that substantially increases efficiencies of the FME process.  They offer the first, full-cycle RFID-native, Enterprise FME/Asset Management system designed to track tools, materials, components and personnel for fossil and nuclear power generation maintenance cycles.

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About S3Edge

S3Edge is a software product company that provides packaged, RFID-based asset tracking solutions for automation and error proofing of supply chain operations.  Spotlight, S3Edge’s software product enables enterprises to configure and view assets, zones, alerts, and reports and to track and obtain trends on asset movement within their organizations. The S3Edge product and solution suites are built ground up on the Microsoft BizTalk RFID (Server and Mobile) platforms in addition to deeply leveraging Windows Mobile / CE, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server platforms. An integral part of the S3Edge business applications are the device providers for various hardware vendors (fixed, mobile, fork-lift and active RFID readers) that are provided as part of the overall solution.

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