Preventing Drops – Tracking Assets

Preventing hand tools and other items from breaching FME integrity is a critical concern that has been identified by the power industry.  What was a time consuming, ineffective and arduous process of taping rope and string to tools has been replaced by this service.  Access Solutions developed and offers a unique and industrial strength tethering process by which we affix our proprietary tethers to tools in a fashion that is durable, universal and efficient.  Options include tethers with or without retention rings, ultra-sonically welded to tools or attached using heated materials, self adhesion taping and special epoxy methodologies; with or without AUTO-ID tags.  The veracity of the tether, which is attached to the tool itself and then clipped to a restraint device, is a critical failure point.  The tether must be strong and secured to the tool but not restrict tool use.

For jobs that require lanyards to be placed on all hand tools, Access Solutions is now offering to equip its FME Technicians with its new Tool Tether Welder to affix pre-manufactured tool tethers to hand tools illustrated below.  Illustrated below, Access Solutions’ device ‘welds’ nylon tethers to tools in less than thirty seconds versus up to twenty minutes per tool using the current string/tape/heat shrink methods.   The pull strength of the weld is 192 lbs for ½” flat nylon webbing material and 439 lbs for ¾” tubular nylon webbing material (per a third party test laboratory).

Our experienced and professional staff is also available to tether and/or AUTO-ID-tag inventories at your job sites or within your tool facilities prior to project deployment so that they are ready for use at the job site and loaded into our or your Asset Management system.  We also AUTO-ID-enable consumables at our facilities, shipping such items to your sites.

Why use Access Solutions?  Foreign Material Exclusion is our primary concern.  This being the case, we have performed extensive research and collaborated with the industry giants on the Best Practices for affixing Tool Tethers and AUTO-ID tags to assure we are not creating foreign materials!

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