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Auto-ID: First to Market, Best to Market

In October of 2008 Access Solutions launched a formal project to automate its manual and proprietary FME processes to assist its customers significantly reduce tool loss and the time to process workers in and out of FME Controlled work zones while maintaining the integrity of our FME Accountability Services.  Access Solutions leveraged its relationships with key leaders of the Auto-ID (human readable, barcode, imaging and radio frequency identification) and webbing materials industries to develop new tags and foreign material application methods for the power generation field.  Access Solutions automated its processes by overlaying its procedures, reports and manuals on an industry-leading AUTO-ID Asset Management System to accomplish its goals while also expanding the benefits of the initiative beyond the FME managed zones.

Our primary objective is to confirm that that the physical characteristics of all tools/foreign materials that exists upon exiting the zone remained unchanged from entry.   We designed our system therefore to enable the user to take the time to inspect the items while the system tracks and records the same.

As a result of its efforts, Access Solutions launched and tested its FME STARtrac sm system (Patents Pending) at three separate customer sites.  FME STARtrac is a full cycle Auto-ID enabled tracking system designed and developed to track tools, materials, components and personnel for the power generation industry.

As our first priority is to continue providing an unequalled FME service delivery, FME STARtrac was introduced as an option to our traditional manual-based FME Accountability Service.  While the system platform is built with multiple levels of redundancy, it is also architected such that if the system is ever rendered inoperative for any reason, the user can immediately revert to our existing manual process to assure the FME service delivery is never compromised.

The FME STARtrac Platform is a hardware and software system consisting of portable self-contained independent redundant computer hardware running Access Solutions’ FME STARtrac software application powering Ultra-high frequency (UF) and High Frequency (HF) RFID stationary and portable reader equipment.  This platform is designed to leverage the customer’s existing tool inventory information yet operate outside and independent of the customers’ internal computer networks.

Access Solutions’ Labeling Components and Methods consist of best practices labeling techniques and materials that have been developed by the predominant global manufacturers primarily for this initiative as well as new technologies designed to reliably, economically and efficiently affix such tags to tooling used in the energy industry thereby enabling a quick and impressive return on investment for the overall program.

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