Can Tools Talk?

by Eric Bergstrom on December 17, 2010

[The Power-Gen International conference in Orlando, FL. was an incredible success!  Prospective customers used words such as, "magical", "amazing", "wow", "incredible" and other positives to describe The Cube, FME S.T.A.R.trac and Access Secure, our tool tether system.  Even though this was the public debut of the The Cube, we've lined up the first of what is sure to be many sites for it's deployment.  Check back often to find out the latest news!]

Can tools talk?

They can if they’re tagged with the Access Secure® RFID tool tethering system and read by Access Solutions’ FME S.T.A.R.trac®Auto-ID technology!

…We’re talking ratchets, wrenches, hammers and other assets that can now identify themselves

That’s intriguing, but how does this help me?

Imagine the possibilities if you could reduce tool loss, improve FME accuracy, increase inventory efficiencies, enhance your organization’s asset tracking, provide maintenance alerts and more while compiling key reporting metrics securely from your office or phone?  What if you could incorporate your existing methodologies such as bar codes, read assets remotely and integrate with you legacy systems?

Access Solutions, the premier Foreign Material Exclusion Accountability Services provider leverages key technologies to bring you realities today that were only ideas yesterday.

Take for example our latest innovation, the Access FME Center: “The Cube” ® , able to be set outdoor or indoor, this fully self-contained unit has everything needed to help your FME Accountability Technicians succeed; lighting, furnishings, supplies, RFID enabled computers, communications, cameras and more….even HVAC!

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