Total Ownership of Critical Areas

Our success points directly to the highly trained accountability professionals in our organization.

Shown here is the 2011 St. Lucie, FL project team.

Foreign Material Exclusion is at our core

  • 100% component success  –  No FME-related failed components!
  • 100% project success  –  Not asked to leave a project…ever!
  • 100% audit success  –  Never failed an audit!

Access Solutions’ core mission is to protect the equipment of the power generation industry with total exclusion of foreign materials.  According to testimonials of our customers, we have established an unparalleled quality of service through efforts focused on hiring, training and providing professional accountability personnel qualified for power plant maintenance projects.

Our highly developed processes are honed over 125 projects in the United States and Europe.  Our people bring to bear significant certification including:

  1. Access Solutions’ Quality Control Program
  2. Siemens Energy, Inc. F.M.E. Program
  3. Plant site-specific F.M.E. Programs
  4. NGET and NEIT Training and Access Programs


What do we mean by “Total Ownership”?

Rather than deploying temporary laborers to conduct FME monitoring, Access Solutions expends great effort and resources bringing to bear what is considered to be the most qualified and professional Accountability Team in the industry.  We view our human capital not as disposable, but as an integral part of our services and it shows.  We have a strong and stable team that takes ownership of the FME zone, making it “ours” for the duration of the service contract.

What else makes Access Solutions unique?

Our founder, Jim Cloud, has spent the last 10-years of his metal fabrication and machining career perfecting a profiling of the best candidates and a proprietary system that establishes exacting accountability with high  efficiency.  Extensive training is provided using Online and Classroom training consisting of instruction,lab work, role playing, and testing.  All resources are then sent to actual jobs at Access Solutions’ expense for hands-on field training until fully certified.  As a result of this disciplined commitment to training we have passed every audit presented to us and the machines that we have controlled have never incurred an unscheduled outage due to foreign materials, throughout our company’s history.

What is the cost of such comprehensive services?

We provide exemplary services at industry competitive rates even while we work to exceeding our client’s expectations.  Receive the satisfaction and success achieved by hiring the industry’s FME service standard at a high price/value.

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