Access Solutions demonstrated its strong commitment to continuously ‘Raising the Bar’ on helping our customers achieve their efficiency goals by making the investment in time and resources to automate its FME Accountability Methodology. As a result, Access Solutions introduced FME STARtrac as the first Auto-ID enabled control system that increases worker efficiency while also sustaining unparalleled FME Accountability for the power generation industry. Auto-ID encompasses human readable, barcode, imaging and radio frequency identification technologies built into a single platform. System highlights include:

  • Real-time image capture and retrieval capabilities
  • Automated track and trace of tools and personnel through the project lifecycle
  • Flexible reporting on demand with site-specific customization options.

“Our methods and procedures developed by Jim Cloud [our COO] are recognized across the industry as being best in the industry by both our customers as well as our competitors that have adopted variations of our procedure. Our investment in the automation of our procedure, our forms and our customers’ forms was to increase efficiencies for our customers while also increasing our unparalleled level of FME accountability.

Selecting S3Edge as our software partner was a strategic move that best positions us to deliver our system and support objectives while also enabling our customer to extend the value of Auto-ID enabling its resources beyond the FME zones.   Given that the principles of our software partner are the former founders and architects of Microsoft’s BizTalk platform, the depth and bench strength of those supporting our platform is far greater than any of the integrators we considered.    S3Edge’s Spotlight Asset Management System comprises over ten years of developer hours producing a system currently capable of working with over eighty best of breed main stream devices enabling customers to select the best configuration for their specific needs and avoid being locked into the integrators’ choices and/or shouldering the cost of developing integrations themselves.

While there are many automated tool tracking options out there, our differentiator is the result of our focus. Everything about our FME Center and the automated program contained therein centered on assuring the technology reliably supported our FME Procedures versus having to change procedures to accommodate technology.  Our systems therefore operate in the background of our primary function – to protect our customers’ investments from the unplanned intrusion of foreign materials.”

- Kelvin Mann, President & CEO of Access Solutions, LLC
Power-Gen International Conference, Orlando, FL – January 14, 2011

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