Access Solutions and Xerafy Enhance Nuclear Safety

The successes of FME STARtrac continue to build as Florida Power & Light and Siemens Energy utilizes the industry-leading Auto-ID system for the largest EPU outage in US history.

Turkey Point First in the Industry to Debut Auto-ID FME Tracking Program

Read about this exciting development. “We use a lot of materials on a daily basis, which means we have to constantly mitigate FME risks. This tool is very useful in that it allows us to have Strong Ownership & Accountability over FME.”

Self-contained RFID Cube Helps Keep Out Foreign Material

Access Solutions has devised a turnkey unit that employs EPC Gen 2 tags and readers to streamline the tracking of workers and tools entering and exiting protected areas of power plants and other facilities.

Can Tools Talk?

They can if they’re tagged with the Access Secure® RFID tool tethering system and read by Access Solutions’ FME STARtrac® Auto-ID technology.

Access Solutions, S3Edge and XERAFY Showcase A Fully Automated FME Center at 2010 Power-Gen International Conference

The RFID Automated FME Solution demonstrates how real-time information can increase plant efficiencies in asset management by improving accountability, tool utilization, and productivity.

Access Solutions to unveil new products at Power-Gen International

Exciting new industry-first products to be displayed at Power-Gen, December 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. Booth 1601

XERAFY and Access Solutions Provide Solutions to Reduce Foreign Object Damage in Airplanes and Power Generation Facilities

Partnership develops advances in RFID tool and material tracking solution addressing foreign object damage/foreign material exclusion in aviation and energy industries. August 11, 2010, Dallas, TX – XERAFY™ proudly announces a strategic partnership with foreign material exclusion (FME) specialist, Access Solutions, LLC. The energy industry’s first RFID control system for automating FME processes, Access Solutions’ […]

Access Solutions and S3Edge announce partnership to expand comprehensive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) solution

The Energy Industry’s first RFID control system built for automating FME processes will now directly address the need for enterprise-scale deployment, while significantly increasing accountability data and reducing the time taken to process workers in and out of controlled work areas.

Access Solutions completes its new Training Facility

Core to its services, Access Solutions performs rigorous training and certification of its human resources.  This new facility now enables us to perform hands-on labs whereby we give our new hires a strong and exact sense of what to expect once at the sites.  This also assures our resources are fully knowledgeable of our and our customers’ […]

Access Solutions performs its second field test of its FME STARtrac system

…to determine if the test gear and resins used for generator rewinds have adverse effects on its RFID componentry.  The results confirmed that the resins used can impact the performance of both Barcode and RFID technologies.  Access Solutions did confirm that the componentry it had tested and selected prior to the this project were not impacted by the generator testing systems nor the resins.

Access Solutions launches its FME STARtrac system

…an automated version of the tool inspection portion of its FME Accountability Process.  Request the full White Paper and Announcement.

Access Solutions performs first field test of RFID-assisted FME Accountability Service

Results exceeded expectations and supports decision to move forward with full project.