Access Solutions, S3Edge and XERAFY Showcase A Fully Automated FME Center at 2010 Power-Gen International Conference

by Eric Bergstrom on December 4, 2010

The RFID Automated FME Solution demonstrates how real-time information can increase plant efficiencies in asset management by improving accountability, tool utilization, and productivity.

December 15, 2010, Hong Kong – Access Solutions, a provider of enterprise foreign material exclusion (FME) management systems, S3Edge, a leading provider of packaged real-time visibility and control solutions and XERAFY, a global provider of RFID tags, are displaying a fully self-contained FME center at the 2010 Power-Gen International conference. Access Solutions, known for providing the energy industry with the first RFID control system for automating FME processes, exhibits ‘The Cube®’. The Cube shows how real-time information and automation of the FME procedures can improve productivity, reduce tool loss and enhance plant safety.

“Our latest innovation, ‘The Cube’ contains everything needed to run an efficient FME project in the most rugged environments,” says Kelvin Mann, CEO of Access Solutions. “This unique FME center raises the bar on FME accountability by Auto-ID enabling management of tools, materials and personnel for the power generation industry while enforcing FME policies and identifying exceptions, as they occur in real-time.”

“Leveraging the highly scalable S3Edge Spotlight software solution, ‘The Cube‘ is more than ready to take on the challenging environments where FME is deployed, said Mark Anastas, President of S3Edge. “This game-changing FME system enables users to increase productivity while simultaneously improving accountability”.

“The development of specialized RFID on and in metal technology has significantly affected maintenance methodologies by enabling power generators to track tools and assets with real-time visibility in foreign material exclusion zones,” explains Dennis Khoo, CEO of XERAFY. “Passive UHF RFID provides a low cost, highly reliable device to reduce the human element from the prevention and detection.”

Access Solutions and XERAFY will exhibit at the 2010 Power-Gen International Conference in Orlando, Florida from December 14 to 16 to more than 1,200 companies from all sectors of the power industry and more than 18,000 attendees.


About Access Solutions

Access Solutions provides the power generation industry’s leading Foreign Material Exclusion services and professional personnel. Leveraging its proprietary methodologies and experiences from over 100 projects nationwide and abroad, Access Solutions offers Total FME Ownership of critical components, FME advisory and site assessment services, advanced tool tethering and an exciting new, game-changing RFID technology platform that substantially increases efficiencies of the FME process. They offer the first, full-cycle RFID-native, Enterprise FME/Asset Management system designed to track tools, materials, components and personnel for fossil and nuclear power generation maintenance cycles.

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XERAFY is committed to bringing customers the world’s smallest and most durable passive UHF RFID-On-Metal (ROM) and –iN metal tags that are qualified and tested to meet extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. XERAFY’s innovative packaging technology offers the Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy, IT, and Construction market, an affordable, durable, high temperature smart tag that can be easily attached to or embedded to metal assets. XERAFY enables customers to be successful automatically check-in/check-out tools, MRO, WIP, process control and logistics through a competitive advantage in size, cost, design, quality, and performance of tags. XERAFY is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains sales & support offices in Dallas, Texas, Washington DC and in Shanghai, China.

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About S3Edge

S3Edge is a software product company that provides packaged, RFID-based asset tracking solutions for automation and error proofing of supply chain operations. Spotlight, S3Edge’s software product enables enterprises to configure and view assets, zones, alerts, and reports and to track and obtain trends on asset movement within their organizations. The S3Edge product and solution suites are built ground up on the Microsoft BizTalk RFID (Server and Mobile) platforms in addition to deeply leveraging Windows Mobile / CE, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server platforms. An integral part of the S3Edge business applications are the device providers for various hardware vendors (fixed, mobile, fork-lift and active RFID readers) that are provided as part of the overall solution.

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