XERAFY and Access Solutions Provide Solutions to Reduce Foreign Object Damage in Airplanes and Power Generation Facilities

by Eric Bergstrom on August 11, 2010

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Eric Bergstom
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Partnership develops advances in RFID tool and material tracking solution addressing foreign object damage/foreign material exclusion in aviation and energy industries.

August 11, 2010, Dallas, TX – XERAFY™ proudly announces a strategic partnership with foreign material exclusion (FME) specialist, Access Solutions, LLC. The energy industry’s first RFID control system for automating FME processes, Access Solutions’ FME S.T.A.R.trac SM, will integrate XERAFY’s EPC Gen2 RFID-on-metal (ROM) tags. This development will significantly affect accountability and maintenance methodologies by enabling power generation and aviation organizations to track objects with real-time visibility data and prevent foreign object damage (FOD).

Dennis Khoo, CEO of XERAFY, explains, “XERAFY has the smallest ROM tags, which allows them to be easily attached to or embedded in various types of tools. Our RFID tags enable the automation of tool management that delivers inventory control, maximizes productivity and increases operational efficiencies.”

“We are truly excited.” Adds Kelvin Mann, CEO of Access Solutions. “Our key objective in automating our FME procedures is to increase efficiencies for our customers while maintaining our unparalleled quality of foreign material accountability. Our core focus is on Foreign Material Exclusion so we take extra care to assure our tagging methods do not result in creating foreign materials. XERAFY’s form factor enables us to use our best practice tagging methodologies on a larger percent of the items used in critical work areas and the reliability of their tags supports our ability to deliver efficiency improvements to our customers.  Embedding XERAFY RFID tags in tools and parts make foreign object detection more seamless and error resistant. The ability to “see” what cannot be seen with the human eye, gives an extra level of security to detect a stray tool in power generation equipment or an aircraft engine that wouldn’t have been located otherwise.

XERAFY will exhibit at the 31st National Aerospace Foreign Object Damage, FOD, Conference in St. Louis, MO August 17-19th, 2010. The showcase demonstrates XERAFY’s Picox tag, measuring at 0.47 x 0.28 x 0.12 in, the smallest yet ROM tag, embedded in various tools and metal ID plates.


XERAFY provides the world’s smallest and most durable, EPC Gen2 RFID read-on-metal  (ROM) tags, which are qualified and tested to meet extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. Our innovative, patented RF technology offers customers, from aerospace to manufacturing, affordable high-performing tags attached to or embedded in metals. XERAFY is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains sales and support offices in Dallas, Texas and Shanghai, China. The name XERAFY, {sur-uf-fahy}, was invented to represent how our customers can utilize our tags to qualify, verify and quantify their assets. We want you to xerafy your assets.

Learn more about XERAFY by visiting us at: www.xerafy.com. Xerafy, the Xerafy logo, Picox are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerafy in the United States and other countries.

About Access Solutions

Access Solutions provides the power generation industry’s leading Foreign Material Exclusion services and professional personnel. Leveraging its proprietary methodologies and experiences from over 100 projects nationwide and abroad, Access Solutions offers Total FME Ownership of critical components, FME advisory and site assessment services, advanced tool tethering and an exciting new, game-changing RFID technology platform that substantially increases efficiencies of the FME process. They offer the first, full-cycle RFID-native, Enterprise FME/Asset Management system designed to track tools, materials, components and personnel for fossil and nuclear power generation maintenance cycles.

Visit Access Solutions at www.AccessSolutions.net or Blog http://fmeservices.wordpress.com/