Foreign Material Exclusion for the Power Generation Industry

Foreign Material Exclusion (“FME”) is core to everything we do and offer.  Access Solutions provides highly trained professionals equipped with proven Best Practice procedures, recording methodologies and technologies to protect critical equipment at fossil and nuclear power plants.  Because our focus is always on the Total Exclusion of Foreign Materials, our greatest asset – our Team - takes ownership of their respective projects providing knowledgeable, reliable and secure supervision of critical control areas.

Because of our sincere interest in continuously helping our customers achieve their efficiency goals while also maintaining FME accountability, Access Solutions automated its procedures and recording methodologies.  Overlaying our procedures on an industry-leading Auto-ID enabled Enterprise Asset Management system we offer the first full cycle tracking system designed to track tools, materials, components and personnel for the power generation industry.  Access Solutions was first to deliver this in the industry and also pioneered a new method to tether hand tools that is also quickly becoming the industry standard.   Auto-ID encompasses human readable, barcode, imaging and radio frequency identification technologies in a single platform.

Leveraging experiences from over 200 outages nationwide and abroad, Access Solutions now also offers an FME Advisory Service whereby we come alongside power companies to discover, compare and contrast our FME programs to develop and help implement the best practices in the industry.

Please join us in leading the industry to the next level!